Response Questions

We invite you to share your thoughts and responses to Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape in text, image, audio, or video. We welcome responses in any format, or you may use these questions as guidelines to structure your response if you wish.

  • What were your immediate thoughts when you first saw the works in this exhibition? How did your thoughts change after spending more time with the works?
  • Did one work stand out more than another? If so, why?
  • What does the term landscape mean to you?
  • What does it mean to stand on hallowed ground?
  • Why have artists throughout time pursued the landscape as a subject?
  • When does a landscape painting become political? Awe-inspiring? Spiritual?
  • Does your family have ties to a particular piece of land?
  • How does human memory bleed into the landscape?
  • How has humankind’s relationship with land changed over time?
  • How does culture influence our relationship with land?
  • How have artists’ depictions of the landscape changed over time? How have they remained the same?
  • How does war impact land and our ideas about landscape?
  • Is it possible to sustain our memories of a man-made landscape once it returns to nature?
  • When does a landscape symbolize a nation?

You can submit your responses here.